We use Grimaud-Hubbard (French line from Bounty Fresh) and a proprietary line from Superior F1 Genetics for meat production.

We use Dominant CZ (multiple lines from Czech Republic) certified layers for egg production.

These chickens are bred by natural selection, not by artificial genetic modification. Very much like our own native chicken, this breed is known to adapt well to local climactic conditions and perform excellently under free-range conditions. In contrast to commercial poultry, our chickens are allowed to roam freely in verdant pastures where they feed instinctively on the farms flora and fauna. Supplemental feeding comes from fresh plants within the farm or from sources certified to be free from mycotoxins, aflatoxin and major contaminants.

Confident that these chicken breed lines are equipped to efficiently digest natural feed sources through field trials, we have set up a supply partnership with Dr. Erwin Joseph Cruz, the one and only licensed free-range poultry specialist from the Philippine College of Poultry Practitioners. We are assured of high quality chicks, unequivocal technical support and an excellent veterinary advisory board.

Set up in 2005, in order to provide a wider array of options for health-conscious individuals and for people with special dietary needs, Reina Helena embarked on a process of experimentation to look for species of poultry and plants of economic importance that can adapt to the unique environment of Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac. At the same time re-education of resident farmers on environment conservation and sustainable agricultural practices by way of natural farming methods was also initiated.

Effective microorganisms are grown in the farm. Likewise plant enzymes are harvested from indigenous flora. These are then used as probiotics and growth regulators that promote plant and animal health, negating the need for the routine use of antibiotics, synthetic growth-promoting compounds, growth hormones, inorganic fertilizers and insecticides.

As natural farming methods are applied, soil fertility is conserved. The nutrient cycle is preserved for future generations. Natural immuno-competence of animals and plants is maintained as observed in their vigorous growth.

Today, having registered with the Department of Trade, and having obtained sufficient data through years of scientificanalysis, Reina Helena Farm is at the forefront of providing high quality foods for general and niche market consumption while preserving Earth for future generations.

Probiotics are started from day 1 together with brown rice. This ensures rapid colonization of the intestines with beneficial microorganisms and better utilization of nutrients in the succeeding feeds. Immuno-competence is thus achieved, eliminating the need for antibiotics, growth boosters, hormones and synthetic chemicals for their growth and well-being. Proudly, we say that our farm does not have the typical odor of commercial poultry! Indigenous microbes keep the farm odor-free.

Being a farm that applies natural farming method, chickens are on the ground with hay and rice husk as cover. Coop houses are made from local materials but sufficiently strong enough to withstand inclement weather. This architecture makes the houses airy using natural convection, eliminating the need for forced ventilation. Hay clippings and husk allows colonization with effective microorganisms (or EM, as is commonly known). These microbes break down waste matter at once making the poultry farm pathogen-free.

Plots for planting are incorporated in the design of individual pens. Aside from providing shelter from the midday sun, leguminous vegetables such as string beans, peas and snap beans give our chickens a fresh protein source. Corn plants, while acting as wind breakers, provide a fresh source of carbohydrates and proteins. Cobs are given at will.

In fact, to ensure that our products are natural and organic, chemical and pathological tests are regularly requested from both government and independent laboratories.

Cereals and legumes used as animal feed are grown right in the farm. This ensures freshness and a feed source free from contaminants and toxic residues. Proprietary methods of incorporating herbs and aromatic spices in the diet of our grow-out stock give our chickens keeps them healthy. As a secondary effect these herbs and spices infuse the meat with a rather distinct flavor that clients will surely go back to again and again.

To ensure bio-security, breeder stocks are in partner farms far from the grow-out areas. Eggs from these farms are antibiotic-free, chemical-free, hormone-free and are not given any synthetic or processed growth promotants (from Phil Daily Inquirer, April 3, 2008. Lifestyle p. C1).

Reina Helena Farm is also equipped to go into strategic partnership for fresh colored eggs production. There is enough land to accommodate layers; technical support is in place; there is technical know-how and an ever-ready source of layer stock from Dominant CZ and Superior F1 Genetics.

Recent concerns in the field of medicine with regard to “clean” foods as healthy options for cancer survivors, autistic patients and children with allergies led the operators, Drs. Danilo and Helena Milla,to set up an all-natural organic farm.

Even though other farms lay claim to being free-range and organic, Reina Helena Farms goes ahead one step by offering poultry products tested safe for the immuno-compromised patients.

Ranging affords our chickens a flavor second to none. Their natural foraging instincts give them superior quality meat. Keeping them in open runs improves their immuno-competence. Fresh plant feed source improves their fatty acid and vitamin profile. As such, patients are assured of contaminant-free meat.

While 15% of children are reported to experience chicken “allergies”, only 5% is true allergy to chicken meat. The remaining 10% of “allergies” to chicken meat is largely due to contaminating compounds found in battery chickens and commercially-raised poultry. Our aim is to make this population of patients experience the true joy of a chicken meal.

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