Reina Helena on PTV 4′s Mag-Agri Tayo

Yesterday, January 30 the farm was featured in the TV program “Mag-Agri Tayo”. I was in transit at that time to do a scheduled surgery. Too bad I did not get to see how the farm looked on TV. Coming off the operating room, i got to read my wife’s text that it looked good.
TV can really be a good instructional medium. Basing on the phone calls and schedule of farm visit requests that we got in one day, that show was a hit.
We even had several visitors yesterday afternoon up to early evening from Pangasinan, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija who saw the farm on TV! (They texted or called but I unfortunately left my business phone un-attended in the van, so they just drove up to visit. Sorry Sirs and Madames.)
Thank you to PTV 4 and to those who gave us a call and cared to text.
In the end, Reina Helena stands by it’s credo to educate consumers and protect its farmers. And this TV program has done a lot in extending help in our campaign to bring antibiotic-free, pesticide-free, heavy metal-free and healthy free-range chickens into the consciousness of consumers who value healthy eating AND in bringing fair trade for the farmers who toil day and night.
Watch out for more announcement. Reina Helena Farms will be featured in a program series for farmer- and consumer-education through Mag-Agri Tayo.

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